About us

About us

Alkyona Consultancy is a technology consultancy firm tailored to provide full design, solution architecture, project management and professional services in the field of Security, ELV and AV systems.

Alkyona Consultancy is an independent security consultancy firm that helps businesses and organizations to better manage their security risks, reduce losses, and to provide a safe and secure workplace for employees.

We help you to implement security strategies that are aligned with your organization’s mission and values, resulting in a security program that supports rather than interferes with the operation of your business.

Let us show you ways in which you can:

  • Find the right balance between security and convenience
  • Provide security in a way that respects the unique culture of your organization
  • Make employees, customers, and guests feel safer and more secure
  • Reduce losses due to burglary, vandalism, pilferage and theft
  • Keep from spending money on security equipment that won’t really solve your problems
  • Reduce ongoing security operating costs by using fewer security guards
  • Have your security program add value to your organization’s bottom line
  • Keep your facility safe and secure without making it look like a fortress

For organizations that do have a security department, we provide an objective outside look at the way that security is presently managed, as well as provide services that can supplement and enhance the capabilities of your in-house security management team.

Alkyona Consultancy helps property managers, homeowners associations, and individual residents to properly assess their security risks and to develop cost effective strategies for the protection of their property.

Trying to decide how much security you need or what types of security systems that you should buy? Concerned that the recommendations that you have been getting from security equipment sellers or guard companies may not be in your best interests? Alkyona Consultancy can help.


Why Choose Alkyona Consultancy?

  • Alkyona Consultancy is an independent fee-based consultant and does not sell security system equipment or guard services.
  • Alkyona Consultancy has in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the latest in physical security technology and effective crime prevention strategies.
  • Alkyona Consultancy is an expert in the security, ELV and AV design and planning process.